Moot Care.

Who and what is Moot Care

Moot Care Center is a safe haven where people in need gets support with Christ Love.

It is a central point where forces united and strengthened to the glory of God and for the benefit of all. Volunteers have the opportunity to develop their God given talents and passion to live.

In the Moot is a large increase in almost all types of emergency
The question is: "What role can Moot Care accept to fulfill these challenges and convert them into opportunities?"

How do we help and bring hope to people in need?
Sustainable ways must be found to make an effective difference!

A few ideas on how you can get involved!
• Become a prayer supporter
• Support Moot Care projects financially
• Assist in the provision of non-perishables
• Clothes and blankets
• Become a Moot Care Volunteer - we need many hands
• Talk to your friends about Moot Care and invite someone to engage