The Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) is an innovative organization working for the success of the Business Community in the Capital City (Pretoria/Tshwane) of South Africa. The CCBC focus on addressing the needs of all sizes of business, be it a Small-, Medium-, Large- or Corporate Business.



More than 95% of registered businesses in the world are small in size, employing fewer than 250 people and account for 60%-70% of the entire working population.

Not in South Africa. That should worry us and we need to change that.

To create employment for over nine million unemployed people, policy makers and regulators must support in practice, an enabling environment for SME to grow and flourish. We must engage on potential solutions in open discussions using facts and evidence


Cars 2 Buy

Cars 2 Buy is an online car search solution. For the user, it is an online database of cars for sale, nationwide. For the dealer, it is an online listing, advertising and lead management platform.

Cars 2 Buy mainly focus on dealer solutions and increasing profitability of dealerships through the Internet and Online Marketing management and measurement. They specialise in Lead management and have a national contract with Ford and Mazda SA, whereby Cars 2 Buy do their Quality Approved Website and Lead management.

Buyers simply browse through the cars online showroom. You can choose from new cars, used cars, luxury cars, second hand cars, even cheap cars. . . a selection of makes, models and colours. No matter what you have in mind, one click makes finding the type of vehicle you're looking for so easy.

Cars 2 Buy arranges: Test Drives, Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Finance, Delivery Solutions Car Reviews

Cars 2 Buy

Women & Cars

Women and Cars is part of the Cars2buy dealer solution company. Registered in 2008, W&C mainly focus on dealer solutions and increasing profitability of dealerships through the Internet and Online Marketing management and measurement. W&C specialise in Lead management and have a national contract with Ford and Mazda SA, whereby they do their Quality Approved Website and Lead management.

Their background also includes 10 years experience at McCarthy Call a Car as well as a lot of research on the gender buying patterns of online vehicle enquiries. The findings were that the closing ratio on female vehicle enquiries ’s closing ratio is 4 times higher than with men.

"It is our marketing focus to ensure that through W&C women will get assisted by women in the call centre and at dealerships."

Women and Cars


We design & develop smart, easy to navigate websites and mobile apps at affordable rates. Specialising in web design and content management systems we implement the latest internet technology to ensure that your website is an extension of your business All our website designs are fully responsive and will adapt to the device that is accessing your information - desktops, smart phones & tablets.

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Grow Southern Africa

The facilitation of Economic Growth per Business Sector by creating Platforms for Engagement involving Business, Government and the Community as part of a bottom-up approach
GrowSA is a Non-Profit organisation established with the aim to facilitate Economic Growth and Opportunities for All within the various Business Sectors operating in the Southern Africa Region. South Africa in particular, is a country with huge untapped opportunities when available mineral resources, the agricultural diversity and tourism potential coupled with a well-developed transport infrastructure is taken into account. However, the greatest and most important challenge up until now has been the creation of a Platform where Business, Government and the Community can liaise and strategize together in taking our economy to the next level. GrowSA is specifically aimed at creating these platforms on Local-, Provincial- and National Level where interaction, strategic planning and project implementation will be facilitated.



The original social network was always the neighbours!

Welcome to the Neighbiz family.

Searching for something online? There are thousands of choices - but we dont have thousands of minutes. Looking for something? Ask the neighbours.

At Neighbiz - we think the handshake is a great beginning.


Our business is fleet management - it is all we do. FleetCUBE has reshaped the way many companies manage their fleet operations. We create solutions for fleet owners over the full fleet life cycle. Everything we do underlines our total commitment to customer satisfaction and their success through cost efficient fleet management.

FleetCUBE was started in 1988 by Mike Crankshaw. FleetCUBE provides a mix of fleet management services to the local and international fleet management industry. With a data base of fleets representing some 1.2 million vehicles, we work closely with our customers to solve their problems.

We have changed and enhanced our fleet management services to reflect the progress we have made in serving our customers. We have invested in leading edge technology to provide the services you value the most in running a cost efficient fleet.

We maintain close links with the USA and European market and certain leasing companies andmake sure you always get the latest information on fleet management.