About Us

ONLINE GROWING GROUP ENTERPRISES (OGGE) is a Business Development Company (BDC) that offers a comprehensive portfolio of solution-driven services aimed at maximising companies Online marketing investments.

Our aim is to effectively help companies increase their leads and conversions and build customer satisfaction and confidence.

With OGGE as your offsite Business Development partner you will find that you are better equipped to compete in today’s competitive online business world.

Initially launching in the automotive industry with Cars2buy and Womenandcars the group’s proven track record quickly saw this client sector grow.

It includes www.cars2buy.co.za, www.womenandcars.co.za, www.fordused.co.za, www.toyotaused.co.za, www.nissanused.co.za, www.bmwused.co.za, www.mercedesused.co.za and 30 more motor related websites.

Cars2buy also had a national contract with Ford and Mazda SA Quality Approved Used Cars, whereby Cars2buy did their websites and lead management for a period of 5 years. Continually finding new Online ideas to improve business and leads to the dealerships.

www.womenandbusiness.co.za was created for women. Women to do business with women and to support and assist the growth of the female print in business. A B2B business methodology, with a bit of a twitch, with some very informative articles etc.

www.webappguru.co.za is our strategic alliance partner to build websites; mobile apps and progressive app websites.